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Main Street Project Launches New Identity


Main Street Project has unveiled a new graphic identity to better represent the organization’s innovative work in poultry-centered regenerative agriculture. The new logo comes at a time when Main Street Project is expanding its work to build and educate about a regional food system that produces economic, ecological and social benefits.

The new identity places significant emphasis on the chicken – the source of inspiration for Main Street Project’s approach to agriculture, and an animal that is recognized around the world. It features a warm, earthy brown and green and briefly tells the story of Main Street Project’s highly productive, energy efficient model: chickens range where plants provide perennial cover. Also in the emblem is the infinity symbol, representing Main Street Project’s regenerative agriculture model and the countless possibilities it provides.

The name – Main Street Project – remains unchanged. It reflects the organization’s commitment to significantly impacting the vitality of main streets and Wall Street and sharing its image of hope for a regenerative future with everyone.

Niel Ritchie, Main Street Project’s chief executive officer, says, “There are a lot of exciting things happening at Main Street Project – the new identity is just the beginning. Aligning our visual identity with our mission is an important part of telling our story and sharing our work on a global scale.”

About Main Street Project

Since 2010, Main Street Project has been developing and testing a poultry-centered regenerative model capable of producing economic, ecological and social benefits. Its programs rebuild the local food system while moving underemployed residents to economic stability. For more information, visit