Main Street Project


Sharing Our Roots

Main Street Project invites community members to its farm to share in the season’s bounty through our Sharing Our Roots program.


Sharing Our Roots is more than just about sharing fresh, locally grown produce, it’s about building community.

We are bringing our community closer to nature, to where our food comes from. Together we are sharing knowledge and stories, while being a part of something bigger. By opening up our farm and creating a friendly, relaxing, and safe environment, we are bringing the food movement to the hearts of our community. Through the Sharing Our Roots program, we aim to improve food security in our region, by connecting people in low-income households to healthy food, while strengthening social connections.

We launched the Sharing Our Roots program in the summer of 2017. We planted a variety of fruits and vegetables from tomatoes and jalapeños to watermelon and Brussel sprouts, and invited multigenerational families to join us in the year’s harvest. Families
from Northfield, Faribault, and Rochester visited our farm during our launching and together harvested over 4,400 lbs. of healthy, nutritious produce to take home! We plan to continue expanding our reach into new towns and neighborhoods as we move into
the next phases of our program, increasing access to high quality food, and building a stronger, healthier community.

Food is a basic human need. Everyone deserves good food. At our Main Street Project R&D Farm, Finca Mirasol, we produce food “with everything you need and nothing you don’t.” That is, free of any and all harmful, unnecessary chemicals. We care for our animals and tend our crops responsibly, keeping our families, communities, and the environment in mind.

We hope Sharing Our Roots can be a building block in a transition to a new food and agriculture system that thrives on the potential of people and the ecology to generate abundance; one that protects and preserves land and water resources for future
generations, and builds and retains family and community wealth.

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