Main Street Project


The Central Farm

What We’re Building

The Central Farm will serve as a demonstration center for our poultry-centered, regenerative agriculture system. It will expand our training and production capacity and will anchor a regional food system that creates sustainable farm entrepreneurship opportunities, stimulates local economies, and attracts much-needed infrastructure investment. By combining our production model with training, extension education, and technical assistance, we will help next-generation farmers everywhere solve the growing food crisis.

Our Vision



The Benefit

The build-out of the Central Farm will lead to:

  • The integration of classroom and experiential hands-on learning.
  • Additional training programs featuring new, diverse system elements that have emerged over the last years at the R&D farm, including more research on energy cycles and plant and soil health.
  • Enterprise development training aimed at creating the next phase of opportunities for advancement or permanent placement at any of our existing farms.
  • A pilot program that will place advanced trainees onto “host farms” which will allow them to begin producing flocks more independently.

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