Main Street Project


The Power of the Hazelnut and its Perennial Canopy


Main Street Project is working with farmers, agricultural and environmental scientists, and the rural and immigrant communities to build an alternative food system that thrives on cultivating people and their ecosystems, one that is regenerative by design. In order to achieve this goal, perennials must be a part of this vision.

By integrating poultry as part of the perennial cropping system we bridge the income generating activities for the years of establishment of perennial crops. Poultry provides multiple sources of income and also supports the establishment of the perennial canopy through the nutrients they spread while ranging. In return, the canopy provides shade and protection from aerial predators, stops soil erosion, cleans water, sequesters carbon and leads to valuable, marketable products. This is exactly why we chose the hybrid hazelnut to be a part of our system here in the Midwest.

Check out the benefits of this amazing shrub in our new video…


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