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Thunder Valley CDC – Poultry Partnership

This summer we visited Nick Hernandez, Director of the Food Sovereignty initiative at Thunder Valley CDC. Nick and his team are creating sustainable food systems on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, and our Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture model is taking its place on the front lines of their movement. Healthy food creates a healthy community and any day now this amazing coop will be producing eggs for the next generation of Lakota farmers and community members.

ThunderValleyCDC-13Thunder Valley CDC has created a grass roots movement and has begun building a regenerative community. Throughout this process they aim to create a pathway out of poverty. TV CDC is a thriving example of what’s possible in the world today. As they go through this process of relearning lost skills, they are also reviving their culture, teaching the community about their heritage, reviving the language and arts, and returning to the ways of the land.

Back in 2014 Nick and his team found out about us through the Northwest Area Foundation. They felt we were a part of the solution they needed to provide jobs, re-localize food and revive the local economy around a regenerative agriculture process. They wasted no time and began building their first coop and even adorned it with Lakota inspired artwork, depicting a sunrise surrounded by two teepees. Thunder Valley is proving that food and culture are one and the same. They are achieving their goal to sustainably produce and provide access to delicious, nutritious, local foods that increase and improve the quality of their lives, their communities, the economy, and the environment.

Check out this video featuring Nick Hernandez, Director of the Food Sovereignty Initiative:

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