Main Street Project

Increasing access to resources, sharing knowledge and building power
to create a socially, economically and ecologically resilient food system.


Who we are

Main Street Project has developed a sustainable agriculture system to meet some of our most profound challenges:

  • building rural prosperity;
  • delivering healthy, wholesome food;
  • reducing chemical and antibiotic intensive farming; and
  • reversing environmental damage.

Our strategy focuses on changing the current conventional system by deploying an alternative, small-scale sustainable poultry-based system that is accessible and economically viable for aspiring Latino and other immigrant farmers.

We currently have three demonstration farms near Northfield, MN used for hands-on training and to develop our sustainable approach to producing poultry, eggs, heritage vegetables, perennials, sprouted feed,  and other related products.  Our facilities include passive solar, aquaponic systems and other climate and energy-wise approaches to farming.

We also provide agripreneur training for hopeful new farmers with a curriculum dedicated to farm management and business skill offered in Spanish and English.

There’s a reason our food and agriculture system is not working: not for consumers, who face higher prices, declining quality and increasing health risks; not for agricultural workers, who suffer long hours and low wages; and not for the environment, with soil depletion, chemical inputs and toxic waste being inseparable components of industrial farming.

The reason is the system of ownership and control of our food and agriculture system that concentrates power in the hands of a select few, treats consumers merely as a source of revenue, and treats the environment as nothing more than the source of the products that capture that revenue.

We can do better. And at Main Street Project, we are.  Main Street Project is developing a food system with the power to revitalize rural communities—revitalize Main Street—now and into the future.

What we do

Main Street Project is focused on three main programs:

  • Building a new generation of farmers
  • Building a new model of sustainable agriculture and
  • Building a regional food system.

These programs are designed to create the system of support and infrastructure small farmers need to thrive.

What we’re learning

Creating new models and systems requires learning what works, what works better and acting on that knowledge.  Main Street Project actively cultivates feedback loops throughout our operations and programs.

We are constantly learning exciting ways to refine our work—and constantly learning new things from our partners and allies worldwide.

  • We track each production cycle so we can continue to refine our model and adjust our protocol for the next round;
  • We work side-by-side with our trainees listening closely and implementing recommendations;
  • We connect to other agricultural innovators to learn how we can create the most sustainable, energy-wise, animal-friendly and economically viable small-scale farming system possible;
  • We interview our customers to learn how we can improve our products; and
  • We actively partner and engage in our community to learn how to best grow our system so we can scale and start impacting and changing our regional food system